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January 14, 2014 / Myra J Stepter ~ Chief Smile Producer

Take A Leap Tuesday

Sometimes you just have to jump and believe that everything you need will be there when you land. Sometimes it will be a parachute; other times a net; and maybe if you play your cards right….a trampoline so that you can bounce a little higher and reach something bigger & better.

Faith leaps are never about making ourselves look good as much as they are about moving forward in a great stride toward our destiny and even inspiring others to break free of whatever is keeping them from pushing forward toward their destiny.  Imagine your leap to greatness could be the exact catalyst that someone else needs to take their own leap.

We hear news reports and hear stories of people that “followed the wrong crowd”. How beautiful would it be to have mothers everywhere change their cadence and say, “If every jumped to greatness, would you?”  See? Sounds crazy doesn’t it? What is even crazier is that this is phenomenally possible.

Let’s try something on this Take a Leap Tuesday.  Tell us how you are leaping toward greatness. Someone might be listening for your spark to like a fire under them. Are you leaping in Business, career, family, creativity, hobbies, spirituality, relationships, health, image, or some other amazing area of your journey?

December 11, 2013 / Myra J Stepter ~ Chief Smile Producer

Impact Someone’s Life Today

Good morning, My Lovelies!


I was told on yesterday that the reason people want me to coach them is because I have a big infectious personality. She stated that people love to be around me & connected to me because I make them feel good and forget that anything was ever bad. The person that stated this is not even a client, but stated that they plan to be in the near future. This got me to thinking.

We all know that positive energy is infectious. A smile is contagious. Laughter is like an electrical chain reaction. All of these are tools that we have at our disposal to create better days for ourselves and others in our pathways on this beautifully scenic journey that we call life.

Today I am taking all of my positive energy and passing it out like a beautiful buffet. I want everyone that I am connected to today to take something away from our interaction that will make cause them to feel, look, and live better from the moment they engage me going forward.

I will move forward today allowing my big infectious personality to draw people to me so that I can fulfill my purpose in their lives.

Ting!~ Living In Purpose On Purpose!


July 11, 2013 / Myra J Stepter ~ Chief Smile Producer

You Really Had Me At … Good Morning!

“It really is great to walk in and see your face everyday. You have such a pleasant face and you always smile at everyone as we walk in. I love when you are here because I really feel like I will have a good day when I walk past you.”

Earlier this week I received this very fabulous compliment from a coworker. It really shot a spark into my day, and truly set this week on a very different course.  It made me smile, and in no uncertain terms, it showed that a little kindness can carry someone a long way.

I work overnight,and through my office is the main thoroughfare for most people to get to the time clock. A large number of people have to walk through my office as early as 4:30 am get their day started.

Now, Even if you are a morning person, that is an unrighteous hour to be anywhere that is not home. A few months into this position, I began making a conscious effort to look different than I might be feeling. Most days, I refresh my makeup, straighten my hair, smile, and say good morning to as many people as possible.

As the months moved forward, I began taking note of the changes. Those that typically came in grumpy began walking in at least speaking. If I am not engaged in a phone call, people began striking up a morning conversation. Others began waiting to be sure to say good morning and wait for me to turn around to address them.

The energy of the morning has since changed just from my choice to bring what I would like to experience to the forefront.

I also noted the change in myself. I now leave work generally with a smile on my face. I am not bogged down, even after a tiring night.

Take a look at your daily interactions, and ask your self where you can infuse a bit of happy energy. Then just do it. Watch how you not only change others day, but your own as well.

Ting!~ My passion is helping you smile 🙂

July 2, 2013 / Myra J Stepter ~ Chief Smile Producer

Becoming your most authentic & powerful self!

Becoming your most authentic & powerful self!.

July 2, 2013 / Myra J Stepter ~ Chief Smile Producer

Becoming your most authentic & powerful self!


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